Friday, February 15, 2008

Debate Will Give Grandson Carson Another Opportunity to Run & Hide

From WTHR:

The two major party candidates in the March special election will face each other on live television on February 24th.

Democrat Andre Carson and Republican Jon Elrod have both agreed to appear that Sunday morning at 9:30 am on a special edition of Indiana Insiders.

The candidates for the 7th district congressional seat will answer questions about why they should go to Washington.

Someone should take odds on Grandson Carson running away from this one too.

Or maybe, like Baron Hill in 2006, he can insist on appearing on the show during that time slot, but in a separate segment so that neither will appear on the show at the same time.

And let me just extend kudos to WTHR for not including the Libertarian candidate, who has no chance to win anyway and just takes up valuable debating time better spent by the two main candidates engaging each other directly (or in their own segments, depending).