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Horrible Obama Blooper


PUMAS for Palin

The Quotable Joe Biden

From Political Punch:

"From our perspective the whole deal is how does the government help you get back up without getting in the way?" Biden asked. "There's a gigantic - gigantic -- difference between John McCain and Barack Obama, and between me and I suspect my vice presidential opponent. And that is that - "

The crowd laughed.

"Well there's obvious differences," Biden said, beginning to ham it up. "She's good looking," he said, laughing. "You know there's obvious differences. But there's a whole lot -- "


From The Corner.

I don't know what else to say.


Day by Day

Sarah Palin's Gas Pipeline

From Investors Business Daily, earlier this month (before Sarah Palin was even on any VP speculation lists):

As congressional Democrats dither on a vote for oil drilling, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has pushed through a gas pipeline project to bring new supply and price relief to the lower 48.

On Aug. 1, the same day the call for a vote on drilling began on the House floor, the Alaska state Senate approved a package of measures to license a new natural gas pipeline. House Bill 3001 lets Palin award the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act license to TransCanada Alaska, a pipeline builder that cast a winning bid of five.

The legislature had been trying for 30 years to authorize something like this and, up until now, had blown it. Palin got it through. Getting it off the ground, the state says, will be the biggest construction project in U.S. history.

Palin considers the $26 billion project her biggest accomplishment as governor. "It was not easy," she told IBD. "Alaska has been hoping and dreaming for a natural gas pipeline for decades. What it took was getting off the dime and creating a competitive market in Alaska."

Minus a pipeline, Alaska's abundant gas largely ends up pumped back into the ground to be used to pressurize oil fields and aid in extraction. With oil production in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay region declining and Congress continuing to drag its feet on new oil drilling, one of the few things Alaska can do is sell some of the gas now.

The new supply could bring price relief to anyone who uses home heating, electricity, farm fertilizers or manufactured goods in the U.S. "Not only is this economical for all players involved; it's wildly needed," said Palin.

"We still have so much to do — to break ground, to build," she said. "We'll keep ramping up oil production, educating Congress to allow ANWR to be tapped and to prove we can ethically and responsibly drill so Alaska can produce for everyone. Alaska should be the head, not the tail, to the energy solution."

Small wonder, then, that Alaska has one popular governor. If only congressional Democrats could also get off the dime.

So, let's review...

Alaska has lots of natural gas.

The lower 48 have a big need for natural gas.

Alaska has the (presently unrealized) potential to eventually produce upward of 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas a year. US demand for natural gas is at 23 trillion cubic feet a year and climbing, so Alaska could meet anywhere from seven to eight percent of current US natural gas demand (let alone natural gas that might come from expanded drilling at new sites).

A natural gas pipeline connecting Alaska to the lower 48 would be the biggest construction project in U.S. history (which is something for a project that would in part run through Canada, but I digress).

Alaska has been trying to start building such a pipeline for 30 years, and couldn't get started.

Sarah Palin succeeded in doing just that (negotiations had stalled before she entered office).

And the pre-Palin bidding process to build the pipeline was not very competitive; it was too friendly to "big oil" (the Democrat rhetorical villain of late).

Palin eventually came down in favor of an independent bid, precisely because it would free Alaska from being so reliant exclusively on the big oil companies.

She even signed the legislation at the convention of the Alaska AFL-CIO (lots of union jobs in building that pipeline).

As the pipeline runs through Canada, negotiations were also required with Canadian authorities; this, ironically, gives Palin more actual hands-on foreign policy experience than Barack Obama (or, really for that matter, Joe Biden). Obama's only experience in dealing with Canada has been to privately tell diplomats from the Canadian government that he didn't really mean his talk about repealing NAFTA, and that he was just politically pandering.

And while one shouldn't overstate the importance of Palin's discussions with the Canadian government (or any of her other experience, such as running the Alaska National Guard, for example), the fact that such discussions give her more foreign policy experience (and experience in numerous other areas) than Barack Obama, who sits at the top of the opposite ticket, should be enough to give any serious voter pause about pulling the lever for the Democratic candidate.

Another rhetorical arrow--"big oil"--gone from the Democrat quiver, it seems, and another example of Palin's actual executive experience in getting stuff done (more experience, it must be noted, than Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined; more pausing for serious voters with respect to Obama), negotiating with a foreign government and even creating union jobs in the process.

Red State Update on Sarah Palin

Because It Bears Repeating...

Former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler says "everything's cool" with a hurricane hitting New Orleans, just because it will be during the Republican convention:


Just Say No

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Thought

How do I know that Mitch Daniels is doing well in his re-election bid? In his delirious anti-Mitch fervor, Thomas Cook is now desperate enough to actually post about how "shitty" Jill Long Thompson's ads are compared to various homemade web ads only available on YouTube. Absolutely hilarious.

(If only Baron Hill could hope for an opposing campaign as inept, fumbling, and poor-performing in polls as that of Jill Long Thompson.)

Mike Sodrel, Luke Puckett & Sarah Palin

A couple of photos from their recent trip to Alaska and ANWR.

Congressman and Candidate Mike Sodrel and Governor Sarah Palin
Congressional Candidate Luke Puckett and Governor Sarah Palin

McCain-Palin Video

Includes video of her shooting an M-16. Can you imagine Barack Obama or Joe Biden doing that? Nope. But you can see Sarah Palin doing it, and John McCain too.

5 Things You Should Know About Sarah Palin

Via Advance Indiana:

1. Palin has held elective office longer than Barack Obama. She was first elected to the city council in Wasilia, Alaska in 1992. After four years on the council, she was elected the city's mayor, a position she held for 10 years, including serving as President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. In 2006, she was elected Alaska's first woman governor. She also chaired the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission for two years.

2. As governor of Alaska, she serves as Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard. It's also worth noting that Alaska borders two international boundaries, including Canada and Russia. She has visited national guard troops deployed in Iraq and wounded soldiers in Germany. Admittedly, it's not much in the way of foreign or military experience, but it's more than Obama's zero experience. Note that he has chaired a subcommittee for the past two years dealing with Europe and the Middle East and has failed to hold a single meeting.

3. She resigned in protest as Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in order to expose legal violations and conflicts of interest of Alaska Republican leaders. Her whistle blowing efforts help bring down the governor, attorney general and state party chairman of her own party.

4. She bucked the party establishment and took on and defeated an incumbent governor of her own party, promising to clean up Alaska politics.

5. As governor, she has passed landmark ethics reform legislation and used her veto power to eliminate wasteful spending. Remember that famous "Bridge To Nowhere" Sen. Stephens obtained $400 million in a federal earmark to build? She told the federal government to keep the money. She also campaigned against U.S. Rep. Don Young in the Republican primary because of his big-spending ways.

Let's see...

The maverick ticket of real change versus the establishment ticket of a Chicago machine politician with no experience and the windbag gaffe-tastic senator of the credit card companies.

With his pick, John McCain made the Republican ticket the ticket of reform. With his pick, Barack Obama made the Democratic ticket the ticket of the Washington establishment, and all of the mindless lemming themes of the media isn't going to change those simple facts.

The Quotable Joe Biden: He Sees Unborn People

Starts at about 1:40.

"Bobby" Casey wasn't even born yet when Joe Biden left Scranton Pennsylvania.

And they say that Sarah Palin is the Dan Quayle pick? Yeah right.

National Democrat Chair: "Everything's Cool" with Hurricane Hitting New Orleans

Ugh. There are no words.

EDIT: National Democrat Chair, not state. Oops.

Just What Does Baron Hill Think About ENDA?

From the Twitter feed of lefty blogger Bil Browning (sent by an observant reader; I don't use Twitter):

Just lobbied Rep Baron Hill on trans inclusion in ENDA. Told him facts he didn't know and he said he'd remember for his vote

Baron got reelected saying that he was in tune with Hoosier values and with the values of the people of his district.

So what does he think about ENDA? Will he take into account the views of his district, or just the views of the People's Republic of Bloomington? Will he listen to 19 conservative counties, or the most liberal community in Indiana?

Update: Weak snark from Thomas Cook aside, the question remains. Where does Baron Hill stand on ENDA? Does Thomas Cook have an answer? Does Baron Hill?

The Blog of Disappointment

From Frugal Hoosiers:

I’m going to break with the party love-fest here and say I’m pretty disappointed. We think we’re really clever, I’m sure, but we just gave Obama his experience deficiency back in exchange for someone who can stand up and say it’s OK if we drill in Alaska. The good news is we locked down three electoral votes that were probably going our way anyhow. Booyah!

As I've said earlier, I'll take Palin's experience to be vice president over Obama's inexperience to be president any day, and that's a discussion that's going to be great to have.

But, hey, Frugal Hoosiers has a great record of picking winners and being in tune with the base of the party whose gubernatorial nominee they are advocating.

Remember John McGoff and Jon Costas? Yeah.

Buyer Responds to Ackerson's Debate Lies

The Buyer campaign has a press release detailing the lies that Nels Ackerson made in a recent debate between the 4th District Congressman and his liberal Washington carpetbagger opponent.

The full text is available over at Hoosier Access. The list of distortions and falsehoods is so long that it could never be posted here (curse Blogspot for its refusal to have an "after the leap" function in posts).

Among the highlights:

MYTH: The Fourth District is 434th out of 435 in the amount of federal contracting dollars coming back to the district.

· In typical Washington, DC trial lawyer fashion, Buyer’s opponent picks and chooses the information and then uses innuendo to create a false impression. He sought to confuse people that there is no difference between Federal contract dollars with Federal grant dollars. Congressman Buyer has a strong record of support for bringing funding to Indiana both individually and in bi-partisan cooperation with the other members of the Indiana delegation.

· Indiana’s fourth Congressional district, not counting the U.S. postal service, does not have a federal facilities i.e. military installations or federal research facilities. If Congressman Buyer’s opponent had lived in Indiana for the past 30 years he might better understand that many dollars go to businesses located near, but not in, the 4th district.

· Federal Assistance by Congressional District (Source: Office of Management and Budget)

4th CD of Indiana

FY 2006
$2.6 Billion in FY 2006
2006 Rank: 159 of 435

FY 2005
$2.4 Billion in FY 2005
2005 Rank: 158 of 435


CONTRACTS performed in FY 2007 in 4th CD
Total Dollars: $22.4 million
Rank: 380 of 435

CONTRACTS performed in FY 2006 in 4th CD
Total Dollars: $17M
Rank: 405 of 435

Or this one:

MYTH: Buyer has not been fiscally responsible and is at fault for the large national debt.

· Congressman Buyer has long been a supporter of fiscal responsibility and has voted against the last two Democrat budgets that would have created a $680 billion tax increase. These tax increases would have been the largest tax increases in American history. This translates to an average tax hike of more than $2700 for each Hoosier family.

· Buyer is also a co-sponsor of H.J. Res 1 which is an amendment to the Constitution of the United States that would require a balanced Federal budget. Before the attack on our county on September 11, 2001 Congressman Buyer voted numerous times for balanced budgets that led to hundreds of billions of dollars in surpluses.

· Buyer has received honors from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce for being a ‘Champion of Hoosier Business’ for reducing taxes and government waste and by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Ackerson has wasted a small fortune of campaign contributions on paid staff. Unless he's going to dip heavily into the fortune he made as a liberal trial lawyer in Washington, he's not even going to have much money for media buys, let alone to unseat Steve Buyer.

McCain gets $4.5 Million Day after Palin Pick

From Politico's Jonathan Martin:

All that attention combined with the good vibrations from the base delivered McCain a financial shot in the arm yesterday.

His online haul from the Palin pick: $4.49 million, per a campaign aide.

Quote of the Day

Alan Colmes: "Do you believe that Sarah Palin is ready, Day One, if God forbid something happens to John McCain?"

Mike Huckabee: "I think she’s far more ready to be President if something happens to McCain than Barack Obama would be if something doesn’t happen to McCain."
Via Hot Air.

The Quotable Joe Biden

"Joe's a good guy, we all criticize each other during this time... But for Joe Biden to talk about qualifications — he's never run a city, he's never run a state, he's never run a business."
- Rudy Giuliani on Joe Biden, October 31, 2007

Interesting, isn't it, that Sarah Palin has run all three?

A Taste of What's to Come?

Candidate Y


Friday, August 29, 2008

The Daily Show: "Every Time Barack Obama Speaks, An Angel Has an Orgasm"

Hat tip: In the Agora.

Least Experienced Presidential Candidate Ever: GOP Vice Presidential Pick Not Experienced Enough

Yeah right.

I'll take a pair of real reformers over an arrogant empty-suit radical and a pompous plagiarizing gasbag any day, and I haven't even mentioned Joe "I Love Credit Card Bankruptcies" Biden yet.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin?

Just maybe?

The Speech of the Obamassiah

I have to admit, I didn't watch it. I took a nap instead, and couldn't be bothered to wake up until the confetti was in the air, the fireworks were going off, the cheesy music was playing, and the angels were descending from on high.

It seems to have gotten mixed reviews. Power Line has an amusing minute-by-minute breakdown. Among the highlights:

10:03 Obama’s intro tape begins. We’re told that his mother wanted young Barack to know what being an American means. We’re not told that she took him to Indonesia to find out.

10:04 His grandparents grew up in Kansas. That’s code for “I’m not a Muslim,” I guess. Otherwise, it’s difficult to understand why Obama keeps pointing this out.

10:05 Michelle Obama recalls wondering “Who names their kid Barack Obama.” Does Michelle Obama realize that parents don’t confer the surname?

10:07 Barack cleans up for Michelle. If your surname is Obama, you should be “Barry.” Now that this is clear, he can count on my vote.

10:08 The tape is covering Obama’s time in the state legislature. No legislative achievements are mentioned, but we learn that when he visited Southern Illinois he recognized the people because they were just like his grandparents. Actually, his grandparents were radicals living in Hawaii, but all ordinary white folk look alike.

10:09 The tape is over. No Indonesia, no Hawaii, no Harvard.

10:11 Now he’s applauding the crowd. I thought only European soccer players did this.

10:23 According to Obama, McCain voted with the Bush administration 90 percent of the time. The Dems have spent the entire convention shifting back and forth between 90 percent and 95 percent on this statistic. It’s meaningless in any case until a baseline is established by reference to, say, the percentage of time Obama voted with the administration. But it sounds good, or would if the Dems could get their story straight.

10:26 According to Obama, it’s not that John McCain doesn’t care what’s going on in the country, it’s that he doesn’t know what’s going on. It seems unlikely that a candidate who has been attending town meetings on an almost daily basis for a year and half doesn’t know what’s going on in the country. Obama is setting a low bar for McCain next week.

10:29 We’re back to grandpa. He marched with General Patton. Maybe that’s why he wouldn’t give grandma a ride to her job at the bank in Hawaii.

10:30 Grandma, who had the lead role in raising Obama and who he once impugned for racism, is finally getting her due.

10:31 Obama cites ma, grandma, and grandpa to refute McCain’s charge that he’s a celebrity. But McCain didn’t say that ma, grandma, and grandpa were celebrities, he said that Obama was.

10:35 With respect to energy, it’s all about new sources. He disparages new drilling as a “stop-gap.” Now who is insensitive to what’s going on in the country?

10:40 He’s going to make sure there’s equal pay for equal work. He doesn’t mention that this has been the law of the land for virtually his entire lifetime. (The controversy here is over whether you have to complain about violations in a timely manner, as with every other law; the Dems are crusading to relieve plaintiffs of this obligation).

10:41 Obama is going to pay for all of his domestic promises by, you guessed it, closing tax loopholes and streamlining government. He'll cut (unspecified) wasteful programs, don't you see. Can I get my money back?

10:43 Here’s the obligatory salute to individual responsibility. This is designed to show that Obama isn’t like other Democrats. Never mind that Democrats have been talking up individual responsibility for decades to show they are not like other Democrats. I guess their insincerity is so apparent that no one remembers.

10:45 “We must take out Osama bin Laden if we have him in our sites.” Who said Obama doesn’t grasp national security issues?

10:46 He accuses McCain of not being willing to follow bin Laden into the cave where he lives. If Obama loses the election, let’s hope he gives McCain the address of that cave.

10:47 Obama is setting a low bar for McCain next week.

10:48 Obama says he’s the one who will deter Iran. You remember Iran – that tiny country we don’t have to worry about.

10:49 Obama is also the one to deter Russia. You remember Russia – the country Obama was slow to denounce after it attacked Georgia.

10:50 Obama looks forward to debating McCain. . .as soon as he’s done turning down opportunities to do so.

10:51 Obama is not going to question McCain’s patriotism. That’s big of him. But he’s just accused McCain of being unwilling to go after bin Laden.

10:52 Obama will stipulate that both he and McCain love America. In fact, “we all put our country first.” Obama is being amazingly defensive here. Then again, McCain spent six years in a Vietnamese prison for his country. Obama spent 20 years being mentored spiritually by the rabid anti-American Jeremiah Wright and is friends with Chicago’s first couple of domestic terrorism. In these circumstances, I’d try for that same stipulation.

10:53 He’s getting even more defensive now, as he raises the issues of abortions and guns. His tactic is to call for “unity” and “common ground” on the issues where he’s weakest. Can we have some common ground on taxes? Like don’t raise mine?

10:54 Obama just knows that the Republicans are going to try to make this “big election be about small issues.” Like his fitness for the presidency.

10:55 Now he’s recalling the people he claims to have met on the campaign trail. This isn’t bad material, but the speech is getting long. Has he kept his audience for the grand finale?

11:00 Obama is in full preacher mode now. He speaks admiringly of King who, unlike Obama tonight, spoke without anger. Yet it was Jeremiah Wright, not King, who brought Obama to Christ.

11:03 The music in this setting has a creepy, epic quality to it. When do the chariot races start?

11:04 One more bow for the Obama couple and the Biden couple before they ascend to the heavens.

I am surprised that Obama decided to take it to McCain in his speech. Normally, that is something for the rest of the convention (particularly for the vice presidential nominee). For a guy that talks a lot about transcending politics, The One (in the replay I later begrudgingly watched) came across as quite shrill and angry, which gives a shocking and sharp contrast to McCain's gentlemanly congratulatory commercial that ran before and after the speech.

Once a nominee descends to that level, he can never get back up again, and Obama has made his entire campaign about the appearance of being above such things, not that McCain hasn't largely brought him back to earth already in recent weeks.

His policy prescriptions were no different than what you would hear from any other liberal Democrat, and have been hearing from the Democratic Party for years. So much for change we can believe in.

The fireworks, confetti, and the weird music at the end gave the whole thing an almost silly feel, as if Obama had won the Super Bowl and was expecting to be given the Vince Lombardi Trophy by Roger Goodell, and then tell the camera that he was going to Disneyland.

Russian Ambassador to Small Neighbors: Be Nice, Or We'll Invade You Too

From Navy Times:

Russia’s ambassador to Moldova, meanwhile, said the country’s leaders should be wary of what happened in Georgia and avoid a “bloody and catastrophic trend of events” in the separatist, pro-Russia region of Trans-Dniester. The ambassador, Valeri Kuzmin, said Russia recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia because of “Georgia’s aggression against South Ossetia.”

Trans-Dniester broke away from the former Soviet republic of Moldova in 1990. A war broke out between Moldovan forces and separatists in 1992 leaving 1,500 dead. Trans-Dniester is supported by Russia but is not recognized internationally. Russia has 1,500 troops stationed there to guard weapons facilities.

The Deplorable Evan Bayh

Jay Nordlinger, at The Corner, destroys Evan Bayh:

Before it passes entirely from memory, we should spend a minute on Evan Bayh’s speech last night. Bayh, as you know, is a senator from Indiana, and known as a moderate, reasonable man. But the speech was stupid and nasty — and it should be remembered that way.

Bayh said,

Under George Bush, America has become bogged down in an endless war in Iraq, spending more than $648 billion dollars there, $10 billion a month that could be spent to strengthen America’s schools, provide health care for America’s seniors, or create new jobs repairing America’s roads, ports, and bridges.

First, the war in Iraq does not seem endless — in fact, we have made great progress, progress that the Democratic party is loath to acknowledge. Besides which, if it is worth fighting and winning, it is worth fighting and winning.

As to the rest of Bayh’s statement: I despise that formula, the one that goes, “We could take the money we’re spending on this thing I don’t like and spend it on these things I do like.” One of my favorite political cartoons of all time (I wish I could remember the cartoonist, to credit him) showed Tip O’Neill with his arm around Reagan. Tip was saying, “Mr. President, do you know how many hot school lunches your $100 million to the contras would buy?” (That was the big Left trope in those days: hot school lunches.) In the next panel, Reagan said, “I do, Tip: half as many as your $200 million for Northern Ireland.”

Bayh said, “Under George Bush, the Middle East has become more troubled.” Why, thank you, senator! Actually, the Middle East has long been troubled — very. And George W. Bush, unlike some others, is trying to do something about it. And history, I believe, will thank him.

Bayh said, “Remember our soldiers having to search through garbage dumps to find armor for their humvees?” Yes, we’ve made mistakes in the war, as people do. But Bayh and other convention speakers have suggested, or said, that Bush and Cheney don’t care about our servicemen. And that is not just political hyperbole — it is obscene.

Bayh said, “George Bush and John McCain were wrong about going to war in Iraq, are wrong about how to get us out of Iraq, wrong to ignore the danger in Afghanistan.”

I'd hasten to add that Evan Bayh. himself, and Joe Biden, too, were apparently wrong about going to war in Iraq too, by this standard.

Ignore the danger in Afghanistan? What a pathetic claim.

Bayh said, “John McCain is not a bad man . . .” — well, that’s mighty big of you, Evan!

Finally, Bayh said that, with his candidates, Obama and Biden, “we will, once again, live up to the full meaning of our creed: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice — not just for the fortunate, not just for the few — for all.”

Yes, Bill Buckley would say, because so many of us want liberty and justice only for the few and the fortunate.

What an SOB, the nice, well-groomed Evan Bayh.

Someday, Hoosier voters are going to see past the perfect hair of this idiotic charlatan, a liberal carpetbagger that has made a political career out of his last name and a fortune via a combination of conflicts of interest by his wife and shady insider dealings in his home state.

Don't believe me?

It's happened before.

Just ask Birch Bayh.

Unwelcome Interruption at the Temple of Barack

Random Thought

No discussion of the increase in bankruptcies in Indiana would be complete without mentioning the atrocious bankrupcty bill that, in large measure, caused them.

And that bankruptcy bill was a significant product of the efforts of the senior senator from the Credit Card State, Delaware's Joe Biden.

Joe Biden, of course, is Obama's choice to moderate and center the left-leaning Democratic ticket by joining the most liberal member of the Senate (Obama) with its third-most liberal member.

Heck, Biden's son made $400,000 in "consulting fees" from a credit card company while his father was carrying the credit card industry's water for that legislation.

That's change the Biden family could take to the bank, and change in credit card legislation that Hoosiers and Americans could do without.

New McCain Ad: "Tiny"

Obama Documentary: Bill Ayers

The Quotable Joe Biden

“The only guy on the other side who’s qualified is John McCain.”
- Joe Biden, October 30, 2007

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convention Cartoons

Baron Hill Being Rude to Constituents

Earlier, I blogged about how Baron's behavior at his town hall in Sellersburg earned him a letter scolding him in the News & Tribune for bad manners and rudeness.

I also noted that Baron tried with a written policy to prevent anyone from recording this event. A daring Hoosierpundit reader recorded it, however, and was kind enough to share the audio with me.

This is a clip reel; there are more examples of him being rude to the people that were present in Sellersburg that evening on top of this, but the audio for those sections is just horrible.

You'll have to turn the sound up. The audio isn't that good. Rest assured, it's worth it.

Another Baron Lie: The Speculator Loophole

The News & Tribune has an article about Baron Hill's efforts to close the so-called speculator loophole:

Rep. Baron Hill, D-Ind., plans on pushing stricter regulations for oil speculators when Congress reconvenes in September.

The idea of cracking down on oil speculators may sound like “Washington speak,” but the congressman feels it could result in lowering prices at the pump for the short-term, said Katie Moreau, communications director for Hoosiers for Hill, his campaign organization.

“What Baron wants to see happen is his bill enacted to put back regulations that were taken out in 2000,” Moreau said.

The basis of a measure Hill is pushing — which Moreau said will be supported by several other Congress members and will be presented to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi next month — is that speculators are artificially driving up the price of oil based on a presumed shortage.

As I have already noted in extensive posts, this is a crock.

Baron Hill voted, in 2000, for the speculator loophole that he now says he wants to close.

That speculator loophole was--more than just about anyone--sought and lobbied for by Enron.

The same year that he voted to create this speculator loophole, Baron Hill took campaign contributions from Enron.

Now, with every Hoosier paying record prices at the pump for the results of his bad decision eight years ago, Baron Hill says that he wants to close the speculator loophole.

Why didn't he oppose it way back when it was created? He voted for it then. He took money from the special interests that wanted to create it.

Again and again, Baron Hill's record is clear: higher gas prices.

Tully: The Strange Sights in Denver

From the Indy Star:

A man clad in a full-body ostrich costume walked past me on a downtown street. The sign he held accused Republican presidential candidate John McCain of having his "head in the sand on the economy."

A bit later, as I walked by this city's convention center, a friendly woman stuffed a condom in my hand. "Protect yourself from John McCain," the abortion-rights supporter told me.

The activists included a man (or woman, I'm not sure which) who supported animal rights by walking up and down the sidewalk in a pink pig costume, telling people there should be a new tax on meat. Another protester used a bullhorn to express anti-abortion views and his opposition to Barack Obama. That prompted a passer-by to stop and argue with him, providing onlookers a profanity-laced sidewalk debate.

"You're an idiot," one man -- I lost track of who said what -- hurled at the other.

It wasn't Lincoln-Douglas, but it was entertaining.

On every street corner is a cause. Near every convention site, someone has a complaint to lodge, or a message to share, or an interest to push. Most of the protests have been pushed so far from downtown that you'd need a map and a taxi to find them. Still, the sidewalks of downtown Denver are a flea market of ideals and ideologies.

A pair of 20somethings urged me to get a flu shot every year (which I do), and a young man in a purple shirt asked whether I had time to sign a petition about comprehensive sex education (which I didn't). One guy told the crowd to "please recycle." Another told us to "read the Bible."

The environment has become such a dominant issue that it can help sell seemingly unrelated issues. An animal-rights activist, for instance, held a sign declaring that meat production leads to global warming. An anti-immigration campaigner said the same thing about the U.S. becoming overpopulated.

Wry and witty. Read the whole thing.

The Quotable Joe Biden

George Stephanopoulos: “You were asked is he ready. You said ‘I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.’”

Sen. Biden: “I think that I stand by the statement.”
- From ABC’s “This Week”, August 19, 2007

The Life of Barack, Part II


From the Political Inquirer, "An Ego for the Ages."

One Big Happy Family

Greg Zoeller & Tony Bennett on School Discipline

From the NWI Times:

Stopping in Crown Point Monday, two statewide GOP candidates announced how they would support the governor's initiative of restoring discipline to classrooms.

Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Tony Bennett and Attorney General candidate Greg Zoeller praised Gov. Mitch Daniels' idea of providing legal immunity for teachers who "act in good faith to preserve order in their classrooms or other school settings." Daniels, who is seeking re-election against Democrat Jill Long Thompson, wants to ask the General Assembly to pass the proposed law next year.

Zoeller said school boards often have trouble with the cost of defense, which can run around $20,000, so many school boards opt for settling. He said once the new law is passed, if a teacher is threatened with litigation and the school board decides that the teacher acted appropriately, then he has a client.

"I'm going to come in with everything I've got," he said, adding neither the teacher nor the school board will be financially responsible for the defense. "There won't be any settlements ... We don't settle cases."

Bennett, the superintendent for the Greater Clark County Schools, said the initiative would resurrect the climate of excellence in schools with high expectations and strong discipline. He said it could help schools run more efficiently and would help recruit and retain teachers because they'll be secure in their authority.

The Zoeller quote deserves repeating:

"There won't be any settlements... We don't settle cases."

It will be a big change for these extortion artists to go up against someone that's not willing to cry uncle and just write them a check to make them just go away.

Greg Zoeller, as Linda Pence can tell you, runs the sort of shop that makes other lawyers and their clients cry uncle and write a check to make the AG's office just go away.

Baron Hill to Supporters of Hillary Clinton: Get Over It and Get Out of the Way

From the lefty site Bilerico:

Congressman Baron Hill (IN-09) was the keynote speaker for breakfast. Hill is a good speaker, but I think he misread his audience a tad...

Hill got fired up quickly and gave a mostly inspiring address. But when speaking to a room in which the majority of folks backed Clinton in the primary, it's probably not good form to say, "we must make sure Hillary Clinton releases her delegates." That bit of the address came off as heavy-handed and preachy. I heard from a few folks afterward, and even Obama supporters thought Hill's comments were a bit much.

But wait! It gets better:

For example, about a dozen sources from Indiana mentioned Rep Baron Hill's loud and grating speech from the Indiana delegate breakfast. While I didn't attend (I'm not a delegate) all sources said he literally shouted at them, "We must get Hillary Clinton to release her delegates." While folks went into the breakfast briefing in high spirits, Clinton won Indiana and most of the people in the room were Clintonistas who left the meeting very angry. As one highly placed Democrat told me yesterday, "Baron Hill stepped on his dick in there. It was just embarrassing and didn't help Barack at all."

The account in the Indy Star isn't quite as colorful:

Today, Hill told the Indiana delegation on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention here in Denver that it's time for the two sides to unite.

"We're going to come together. We need to come together," Hill said.

He acknowledged that he "got a lot of flak" for his endorsement of Obama.

But, he said, "I believe in the man. I think he's the future of the Democratic Party... I think he's the future of our country."

Now, he said, Democrats have to unite to get him elected.

Using a phrase often heard in Democratic politics in southern Indiana, Hill told the delegates: "Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and organize."

Parting question:

Which Hillary Clinton supporters in southern Indiana are going to "work like hell and organize" for a guy that just told them to screw off and get over their support for a candidate that overwhelmingly won the Democratic primary in the 9th District?

Will they really do it for a guy that lied to the faces of his county chairs and then turned around and broke that promise?

A guy who now tells these people to get over it and get out of Obama's way?

EDIT: Thought better of a snarky comment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nancy Pelosi to Advocates for Oil Drilling: “Can we drill your brains?”

The Democrats leaving the rally in SUVs at the end is just priceless.

Quote of the Day

“Suppose you’re a voter, and you’ve got candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don’t think that candidate can deliver on anything at all. Candidate Y you agree with on about half the issues, but he can deliver. Which candidate are you going to vote for? ... This has nothing to do with what’s going on now.”
- Bill Clinton

Vets for Freedom Ad: Acknowledge Our Victory

Quote of the Day

From Mona Charen at The Corner:

Poor Delaware. The Dems keep saying Biden is a proud son of Scranton PA. Well, yes, he was born there, but he moved to Delaware at the age of 11. Obama moved to Hawaii from Indonesia at about the same age. By this calculation, should we all start referring to Obama as Indonesian?

The Quotable Joe Biden

“You cannot go into a Dunkin Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent.”
- Joe Biden, July 2006

The Houses of the Obamassiah

The Obamassiah's Tutor

Text Message

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hang 'Em High

From ABC:

Police in a city adjacent to Denver are questioning several suspects to determine if an alleged drug dealer made a threat against Sen. Barack Obama, who will be in Denver this week to accept the Democratic presidential nomination.

After pulling over two men for allegedly driving erratically early Sunday morning, Aurora Police said they discovered two rifles, a bulletproof vest and the drug methamphetamine in the car. When authorities questioned the men about the findings, they pointed to another member of their alleged drug ring whom they say made a threat against Obama.

A witness interviewed in the case said one of suspects allegedly said the guns were to be used to kill the Illinois senator, but authorities do not believe the alleged threat put Obama in immediate danger.

When police when to a hotel to question the third individual, officers said he jumped from a window on one of the upper floors of the building in an attempt to evade police. Medical personnel have treated him for a broken ankle.

Authorities told ABC News the men had tattoos of white supremacist images.

"This is a methamphetamine and firearms case that arose from a traffic stop made by an Aurora Police officer,” a spokesman for the joint law enforcement information center told ABC News. “Firearms and methamphetamines were seized, and a number of individuals are in state custody. The matter continues to be under investigation. We'll provide more information as it becomes available."

The incident comes on the heels of an alleged threat against Obama's rival, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. Last Friday, prosectuors charged an inmate at the Arapahoe County, Colo. jail for allegedly mailing a threatening letter laced with powder to the McCain's Denver campaign office. Investigators later determined that the suspicious powder was not toxic.

Smearing John McCain

Doug Masson has a post (approvingly?) noting a "scathing look" at the military career of John McCain.

Doug says that McCain is supposedly hiding behind his time as a prisoner of war as a result of his houses gaffe. I must have missed that campaign tactic; the response I saw from the McCain campaign to the houses thing was to point to Obama's shady house deal with Chicago slumlord, convicted felon, and Obama patron Tony Rezko.

Regardless, Doug seems concerned that "if McCain intends on using his history as a P.O.W. as an all-purpose shield; that shield will have to be weakened somehow," a delightful sentiment for any left-thinking person to have.

The substance of the criticism of McCain's military career seems very sparse. But then, McCain has made his political reputation about what he did since Vietnam, not what he did while there. And he has done a lot since then (much of it earning the anger of rank-and-file members of his own party). It's an unavoidable part of his life story and the associated narrative to mention that, yeah, McCain was a fighter pilot and a prisoner of war. Particularly in the case of the latter, such experiences can't help but shape someone's character.

McCain, unlike (say) John Kerry, has not made his time in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign (heck, his campaign is still so disorganized that it doesn't really have anything as a centerpiece), so any attack on that time is strategically pointless in political terms. For Kerry, Vietnam was his center of gravity. Any attack on it was an attack at the foundations of his campaign. For McCain, he has done so much more since then that is more close to his image and perception by the American people that Vietnam is nowhere near as important; it certainly isn't a political center of gravity for his candidacy.

Anyway, a few minutes reading on even a "loose research" site like Wikipedia (whose pages about McCain are extensive and footnoted to a surprising extent) dispels almost all of the article's claims.

The article notes that McCain was in several aircraft accidents, without noting (as Wikipedia does) that two of the three before the fire on the Forrestal were due to engine problems (a failure in one and a flameout in the other; the third was an encounter with unexpected power lines while flying a training mission low to the ground).

McCain was responsible for the fire on the Forrestal by "wet-starting" his jet? Unlikely. McCain's jet was parked on the other side of the deck of the Forrestal from the plane whose rockets started the fire, and its engines were pointed away from that plane as well (see the diagram present on Wikipedia). Even if McCain did "wet-start" his plane (an allegation for which there is no proof), the fact that the engines were pointed away from the jet that started the fire would seem to indicate that the two would not be seriously related.

The fire on the Forrestal was started by a misfire of a so-called Zuni rocket. Misfires of the Zuni rocket were disturbingly common; two years after the Forrestal fire, there was another Zuni rocket misfire incident on the Enterprise that killed 27 and injured more than 300.

The Zuni rocket misfired, flew across the deck of the Forrestal, and impacted a pair of parked jets that were prepping for takeoff. McCain was in one of those two jets. The rocket struck an external fuel tank on one of the jets, ripping it from the wing and causing fuel to spray everywhere. The rocket ignited the fuel, and the deck of the Forrestal became an inferno. The deck crew battled heroically to prevent the flames from causing the bombs aboard the planes to cook off. The pilots in the planes tried to escape their planes. One burned to death.

McCain climbed to the nose of his plane and jumped into the flames. He rolled through the flames to escape and his flight suit caught fire. He managed to put out the fire, and returned toward the flames to help rescue a fellow pilot. At that time, one of the bombs exploded, and McCain was showered with fragments in his legs and chest. It was these injuries for which McCain was taken by helicopter (along with other injured members of the Forrestal crew) to Saigon.

He was not spirited away because of his father, as the article claims, but because he was injured. When the Forrestal headed back to the United States for repairs, McCain volunteered to join an undermanned air squadron aboard the carrier Oriskany. It was then that he was transferred, not immediately as claimed in the article.

You can see video of the Forrestal fire here.

It seems manifestly clear that the allegations against McCain that Doug is touting are particularly thin in the facts department, though I would not expect much given the disgusting 9/11 truther ads present on the website hosting the article.

I also don't see any evidence that McCain has exaggerated or lied about his military record. That was an allegation leveled, fairly or unfairly, at John Kerry. It was also an allegation that McCain denounced in 2004 when it happened. I am shocked, shocked, that Democrats would be unwilling to extend to McCain across-the-aisle courtesy similar to that which he has routinely shown them.

Another Baron Lie: Baron Hill & Veterans

It's before Labor Day, and Baron Hill has his first campaign ad of the season out. I saw it twice last night on Fox News (which is pretty surprising in and of itself).

Let's just say that the ad, while ostensibly positive, is about as disingenuous as any run in the 9th District in any prior race.

First of all, let me say that Baron has a remarkably empty and uncluttered desk for a member of Congress who has supposedly been so busy for the past 19 or so months.


Veteran: He kept his word.

Veteran: He kept his word.

Veteran: Finally, someone in Washington is listening to us veterans.

Narrator: Baron Hill said he'd look out for our troops and veterans, and he is. Improved care for the injured and the sick. Getting the right equipment to the soldiers on the ground. Working to guarantee that veterans and their families receive the benefits they've earned.

Veteran: He understands them kind of things and, uh, that's what we need.

Veteran: Thanks Baron.

Veteran: Thanks Baron.

Veteran: Thanks Baron, from all of us.

Baron: I'm Baron Hill, and I approve this message.

Let's see... Where to begin...

Veteran: He kept his word.

Don't tell this to the Hoosier soldiers Baron voted to send to war, but refused to see off when they left for Indiana's largest National Guard deployment since World War 2. Baron, you see, was busy on a taxpayer-funded junket to Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and the tropical Pacific island of Guam.

Veteran: He kept his word.

Nothing to do with veterans per se, but don't tell this to the countless Democrats to which Baron gave his word about his superdelegate endorsement, right before he turned around, broke his word, and endorsed Barack Obama.

Baron Hill said he'd look out for our troops and veterans, and he is.

By spurning troops bound for war, by later using them as props in a political photo op, and by opposing funding for troops fighting a war.

Improved care for the injured and the sick.

Baron's allies, the Democrats on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, voted in September of last year in a straight party-line vote to reduce funding for disabled veterans by up to $2,200 per person.

They did this cut in benefits to pay for veterans benefits for Filipinos that fought for the United States during the Second World War. Regardless of whether such citizens of the Philippines deserve veterans benefits, no American veteran should have their benefits cut to pay for it.

And why would the benefits for American veterans have to be cut?

Because of Baron's much-touted PAYGO budget rules (here and here). For every increase in spending (benefits for Filipino veterans) there has to be a cut in funding someplace, in this case for disabled American veterans.

That's how Baron Hill and the Democrats listen to those veterans, by approving cuts in benefits for disabled veterans on party-line votes.

Getting the right equipment to the soldiers on the ground.

Baron, of course, somehow got the right equipment to soldiers on the ground while opposing funding for the troops while those troops were fighting a war, using them as props in a political photo op for his reelection, and taking a taxpayer-funded vacation instead of seeing off the largest Hoosier troop deployment since WW2.

Working to guarantee that veterans and their families receive the benefits they've earned.

By ensuring that his party uses Baron's PAYGO rules to cut benefits for disabled veterans by up to $2,200 each.

Veteran: He understands them kind of things and, uh, that's what we need.

One thing the troops don't need is more of a member of Congress that will vote to send them to war and then turn around and oppose funding that war, and then shun them when they head off to that war by taking a taxpayer-funded vacation.

One thing that veterans don't need is more of a member of Congress whose party has, on a party-line decision, voted in committee to cut benefits for disabled veterans.

Thanks Baron.

Quote of the Day

The Obamassiah on taxes:

If you talk to Warren, he’ll tell you his preference is not to meddle in the economy at all — let the market work, however way it’s going to work, and then just tax the heck out of people at the end and just redistribute it,” Obama said. “That way you’re not impeding efficiency, and you’re achieving equity on the back end.He continued by saying that he thought there was some merit in Buffett’s argument.

Isn't it just so reassuring to have a candidate for president proclaim that he wants to "tax the heck out of people" and "redistribute it"?

Hoosier Dems Exiled to Denver Hinterlands?

From Jim Shella:

The Indiana Hotel is a long way from the airport and a long way from the convention center in downtown Denver. It is in suburban Englewood and some members of the delegation don’t think its the best hotel they visited recently. Entertainment and dining choices nearby are also limited. Does that mean that Indiana is not in play the way some people claim?

I'm sure nothing should be read into that. After all, it's not like Denver doesn't have plenty of hotels closer.

Besides, Indiana is still in play, right?

Evan Bayh is a big topic of conversation among arriving delegates. There is disappointment that Barack Obama didn’t choose him as a running mate but no one seems overly upset. Some of the Indiana delegates took part in a conference call this afternoon with Obama on the line. He told them that he still plans to carry Indiana and they should not consider the selection of Joe Biden to be a slight to this state.

Don't worry Hoosier Democrats!

Every Obama statement comes with an expiration date.

Just not this one.

Not tapping the Strategic petroleum reserve.

Not supporting the District of Columbia's gun ban.

Not voting for FISA and wiretaps for terrorists.

Not supporting gay marriage.

Not taking money from Washington lobbyists.

Not casting aside public financing of his campaign.

Obama has broken all of those promises.

But campaigning in Indiana?

That's different.


Letter Calls Baron Out on Gas Price Doubletalk

From the News & Tribune:

The Evening News on May 10, 2008, in an article titled "Greenpeace targets Hill with billboards blasting his environmental votes" reported that "Ninth District Rep. Baron Hill, D-Seymour, was surprised to see billboards popping up around Southern Indiana, which challenge his record on the environment."

The article said Hill found Greenpeace's stance "puzzling" because he thought the organization was satisfied with the fuel economy target bill last year. The article said Hill thought he was on the "cusp of securing endorsements" from the "League of Conservation and the Sierra Club."

Checking on Hill's constituency in Bloomington, a college community and most college communities lean left, I found an interview from 2005 by then President of the Bloomington City Council, Andy Ruff, with Amy Goodman at Ruff said that since the federal government was "denying global warming" they were taking "some steps through the sustainability initiative to develop more sustainable policies and ways of living and ways of doing business here in our own community."

Hill in order to get reelected needs to please his environmentalist constituency in Bloomington and Big Environmentalism by limiting oil production to save the planet from evil oil while convincing the folks mad about high gas prices that he wants to drill to increase production and lower prices.

Congressman Hill has a very serious gas problem which is probably why he seemed to come down on both sides of the issue in a recent article titled, "Something’s Got To Give."

— Jim M. Young, Jeffersonville

I sure hope Baron gets those endorsements from the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.

Such endorsements would be a powerful statement.

After all, few organizations have done as much to prevent domestic oil drilling and to force gas prices to skyrocket than environmentalist groups like those.

The Quotable Joe Biden

The Life of Barack, Part I

Hat tip: Power Line.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on Baron's "Don't Tape Me Bro!" Policy

Congressman Baron HillEarlier this month, I blogged about Baron Hill's interesting policy of refusing to allow anyone to record his town hall events. Baron's policy of censorship even provoked a rare press release from the 9th District Republican chairman.

All of that exposure caused Baron to retreat and to remove any mention of his "no taping" policy from the press release. Dan Turkette of Angry White Boy blog fame and I attended the town hall in Seymour announced by the press release.

Dan, as a member of the new media, got himself a press credential and even recorded some of the event itself. He was confronted by Baron's staff while recording, but they backed off when shown his nifty laminated press pass. His account of the Seymour town hall is available here.

It appeared that Baron's people were eager to enforce a "Don't Tape Me Bro!" policy, but were suckered by Dan's "new media" press credentials. They just weren't eager to be caught on the record saying that they had such a policy, as witnessed by their earlier removal of any mention of it from their press releases when called out.

But when the traditional media in and around the 9th District made no noises at all about Baron's restrictive recording policy (as they might have feared; without reason, as even sheep are not as pliant and easily duped as most 9th District reporters), their censoring instincts came roaring back with a vengeance at the town hall in Sellersburg one week later.

Baron's Seymour town hall had one handout, a bland thing listing the few accomplishments of the Democrat majority in Congress. Heck, most of what appeared on that handout were not accomplishments, but policy proposals advocated by Baron (many of them outright silly, like suing foreign countries over the price of oil).

The Sellersburg town hall featured the same handout, but it also featured a letter, signed by Baron Hill, that featured again his "Don't Tape Me Bro!" policy (click to enlarge):

This is the pertinent section, there at the bottom (click to enlarge):

As noted by posting at Angry White Boy, and by a letter in the News & Tribune, Baron's behavior at the Sellersburg town hall gave good reason for his staff to seek to avoid it being recorded.

He was incredibly rude to his constituents and to many of the individuals that came simply seeking to ask him questions.

No wonder he didn't want to be taped.

Unfortunately, someone present taped him.

I'll have that audio in a future post.

Obama-Biden: Plagiarism You Can Believe In

Michael Jezierski over at Hoosier Access has noticed a curious similarity between the ubiquitous Obama "O" logo and the logo of Wellmont Health System, an organization that owns and operates hospitals in northeastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia.

The comparison really is striking.

First, the Obama logo:

Then, the Wellmont logo:

The resemblance is striking.

This is not a recent similarity (though it appears to have only recently been noticed). A bit of digging reveals that Welmont has had its current logo since at least January of 2004 (when it was known as the Welmont Foundation), when Obama was barely even a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. They may have had the logo from potentially as early as May of 2002, when Obama was still in the Illinois state legislature.

Could it really be that the Obama campaign has been, from the start, using a distinctive campaign logo that was copied from a shockingly-similar logo of a regional health care provider in Tennessee and Virginia?

The Obama campaign has copied visual motifs before, but those have been with posters and other less-prevalent imagery rather than the logo that has been at the heart of all of the campaign's very brand itself.

So, could the logo at the heart of the entire Obama brand be stolen from a chain of hospitals in Appalachia?

Well, it's not like the two people on the Democratic ticket haven't engaged in plagiarism before...

Obama has lifted wholesale pithy speech lines from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

The revelation of multiple instances of plagiarism abruptly ended Joe Biden's presidential ambitions in the 1980s. He copied of elements of a speech by British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock, lifted speech lines from Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, and had failed a class in law school because he plagiarized a term paper. Biden, according to War on Plagiarism's website, represents "the most famous instance of political plagiarism."

So I guess the campaign logo wouldn't be the first time that the Obama-Biden ticket lifted ideas or work from someone else, but it sure would be the most visible example of plagiarism you can believe in.

The Quotable Joe Biden

"You know he's a very smart guy. I can't speak for me. But I know for me that it was a learning experience. I worked very hard. I'm sure he's working very hard too. I've watched seven presidents, and I've watched presidents who have come to office who haven't thought through some of the areas that they've never worked in, for example foreign policy. I watched several presidents come in and they're smart as the devil and they get here and unless you already know when you get here exactly what your foreign policy is, it's awful hard to hit the ground running and not to make serious mistakes the first couple of years. I'm not saying that senator Obama is where I was [when elected to the senate at age 29]. I was younger than he was when he got to the Senate. But I do think, I acknowledge that experience is not the issue, it's whether your experience has been good or bad. Somebody with 34 years of bad experience isn't perfectly qualified to be president, someone with 34 years of good experience that makes a big difference. So, again, I know it's kind of difficult to master, it's kind of difficult to feel sure-footed in a lot of areas that you haven't spent a long of time dealing with."
- Joe Biden, August 16, 2007

McCain Ad: "Higher"

The Democratic Convention

Still Digging In

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Quotable Joe Biden

Hat tip: Porter County Politics.

The Quotable Joe Biden

Yes, Joe Biden helped write the assault weapons ban. He was the sponsor of the legislation.

So much for the Obama-Biden ticket's respect for the Second Amendment (to say nothing of Biden's opinion of law-abiding gun owners).

The Great Seal of Barack, Take 2

From Hot Air comes word that the folks at the Cult of the Obamassiah have not given up on taking the Seal of the United States, changing it, and making it their own:

...It looks like the design team at the Barack Obama campaign have too much time on their hands. On their campaign website, the background image adapts the basics of the presidential seal — again — into an Obama campaign logo.

This time, Team Obama avoided the faux Latin for the normal “E Pluribus Unum”, but the rest of the design still screams “presumptuous”. Once again, we have the O Logo in the dead center, and an oddly oriented eagle — or what appears to be an eagle — clutching nothing but olive branches.

Didn’t Barack Obama learn from his last attempt to fashion his own “seal”? This looks a lot like compensation for either an unbridled ego or a person worried about his lack of credentials.

The background (from here):

Zoomed in:

The arrogance and ego of this campaign just never ceases to amaze me.

Quote of the Day

Former Democrat House Speaker John Gregg, in the Indy Star:

Former House Speaker John Gregg was blunt as he grimly joked about his disappointment: “Let me get the noose off of my neck.”

“I’m sad for him. I’m sad for the Hoosier state. I’m sad for the Democratic party,” Gregg, D-Sandborn, said.

Gregg, for one, wasn’t enthused [with the choice of Biden].

If Obama has picked Biden, he said, it may be for the same reason that Gerald Ford picked Sen. Bob Dole as his running mate in 1976: “He needed a pit bull and a fighter. Gerald Ford’s pick backfired. I hope Barack Obama’s doesn’t.”

But, he said, “if he’s the pick, so be it.”

The Quotable Joe Biden

The One's Road to Denver

Obamassiah Gaffe du Jour: The Next President of the United States...

Obamassiah's Choice Kneecaps Indiana Dems

That sound you hear is the air going out of thousands of balloons, all over the Hoosier state.

From the Indy Star:

Indiana Democrats heading to Denver for the Democratic National Convention were deflated by the news that came overnight that Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, and not Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, will be their party's nominee for vice president.

Adding injury to insult, the plane that several Indiana Democrats were taking to Denver was delayed because of mechanical problems, forcing them to loll in the Indianapolis International Airport terminal. It's not, though, that they were in as big of a hurry to get to Denver as they would have been had Bayh been the nominee.

Or, for that matter, if Sen. Barack Obama had picked Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. She won Indiana's primary election by a smidgen over Obama, and many Hoosiers had hoped for either an Obama-Bayh or Obama-Clinton ticket.

Charlotte Martin, a Democratic delegate from Avon, came to the airport wearing her "Hillary for President" button and dug around in the bottom of her travel bag for an Obama button to add to her other collar lapel.

"My first choice would have been Hillary. My second choice would have been Bayh," Martin said...

But she smiled and shrugged it off...

Besides, she added, now Democrats don't have to worry about a Republican being appointed to fill Bayh's Senate seat, a possibility if he were elected vice president and Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels wins a second term as governor.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker, on the same delayed flight as Martin, was among those personally disappointed that Bayh was not picked. He worked on Bayh's staff from 2000 to 2003, and Bayh helped install him as head of the state party.

"As a Hoosier Democrat, it's disappointing," Parker said.

Photo of the Day

I'm sorry, Senator, but closing your eyes isn't going to change the fact that you didn't get picked.

But maybe this will cheer you up:

Baron Called Out for Rudeness at Town Hall

From the letters page of the News & Tribune:

Reader got bad impression of Hill

There are several things I expect of a Congressman, especially one who represents me. I want him to tell the truth, but realistically, don’t expect him to. I expect him to dress the part. That’s easy. Most of them like $500 suits. But the big item I demand is respect for constituents.

Baron Hill was insulting and offensive to several people during his presentation to a group on Aug. 15 in Sellersburg. Hill left the podium area twice to silence audience members who disagreed or questioned his statements. Additionally, he listened to questions from audience members and then said he would not answer them or simply turned away without comment and took another question.

One young man asked about programs providing new technology to protect troops in combat and was told to see Hill after the program rather than giving any answer during the Question/Answer session. Not surprisingly, this sizable group gave only a few seconds of light applause when he concluded his presentation.

Hill has made it clear that he wants his job back this Fall. If he treats a well-educated, polite audience rudely, I wonder what impression he leaves of us when he’s in Washington. Perhaps the choice this Fall should be between Mike Sodrel and Eric Schansberg.

— Denise Canaday, Georgetown

I've heard the audio of Baron's town hall in Sellersburg.

Rude doesn't begin to cover how he treated those people.

Obama Retreating from 50-State Strategy

Now that Birch's Boy has been thrown to the curb, will Indiana be next?

From the Boston Globe:

Barack Obama has pulled his TV ads from seven states that voted Republican in 2004, including the perennial swing state of Florida and two others -- North Carolina and Virginia -- he had been agressively targeting as part of his 50-state strategy.

Obama's campaign told Fox News Network, which first reported the shift, that it is a temporary suspension during the Democratic convention. The other states are Alaska, Georgia, Montana, and North Dakota.

But Republican rival John McCain's camp saw more significance.

Sarah Simmons, McCain's strategy director, cited advertising spending and polling data that she said shows that in the states where Obama has spent time and bought ads, his poll numbers dropped.

In a memo, she asks: "Does this represent an overall shift in strategy; do they have to find a new path to 270 electoral votes? Does this represent a sign of things to come in other states? Is the Obama campaign planning to close down offices in states they have initially targeted?"

"Temporary suspension" my rear. Obama is burning through money faster than a fat person eats a bag of Cheetos. He had to bail out his own political party's convention so that it wouldn't go bankrupt.

If he doesn't cut back somewhere, he will keep spending that record fundraising faster than it comes in.

And, besides, if you spend millions of dollars in these states and it ends up making you more behind than when you started, something is wrong.