Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baron Hill Repeats “Political Terrorists” Line

Baron HillFirst came Baron calling opponents of ObamaCare "political terrorists."

Then came the day after, when Baron Hill repeated the assertion again, and defended it even further in a whiny speech to the Indianapolis Rotary Club.

And, let me tell you, there's nothing more popular here in southern Indiana than going to Indianapolis and insulting folks back home with incendiary and offensive rhetoric.

First came the article in WTHR in which Baron repeated the "political terrorists" line, proving it was no casual slip of the tongue:

"There are some people acting like political terrorists by disrupting these town hall meetings going on around the country and it's not meaningful dialogue. It's just people yelling and screaming," said Baron Hill (D-IN09).

Rep. Hill, who is one of the "Blue Dogs", a coalition of conservative Democrats, says he is talking with organized groups and community leaders instead of town hall meetings. He will be speaking in Indianapolis on Tuesday.

Here is the video from WTHR's segment.

The important parts of Baron's double-down made this YouTube video (hat tip to Frugal Hoosiers):

Then came the speech to the Indy Rotary Club, in which Baron reiterated his view that concerned citizens back in southern Indiana are "political terrorists":

U.S. Rep. Baron Hill defended his use of the term “political terrorist” in a Washington Post article on Monday as he spoke to the Indianapolis Rotary Club at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on Tuesday. “That’s a strong word to use, but if you’re there to blow up a meeting, that’s terrorism,” Hill told HPI prior to his speech. During his speech, Hill acknowleged he used “pretty strong language” but described people disrupting town hall meetings around the U.S. as those “who have no intention in engaging in debate.”

Imagine there's a teakettle full of water. It's sitting on the stove, and the heat has been turned on.

The laws of physics, as always, apply. The water in the teakettle is going to boil. Steam is going to be created. Pressure within the teakettle is going to build up.

Either that pressure gets let off by the teakettle whistling as steam exits it, or the pressure builds up within the sealed teakettle until something bad happens.

Hosting town halls and giving a forum to constituents to voice their opinions is, in a fundamental way, no different. People will be heard, one way or the other, just like the steam is going to get out of the teakettle one way or the other.

The people can be heard at a town hall or similar forum, or they can be ignored and their anger will continue to build until the next election.

I would think that Baron would like to see himself as brave enough to face a little voter anger now than be voted out by even greater voter anger next November.

There is nothing more fundamental to the American system of government than the belief that the people have the right to voice their opinions and address their representatives in government. There are few things more injurious to such a system of government than the ignorance or apathy of said representatives to the opinions of those they govern.

But I digress.

Let's return to Baron's "political terrorists" line.

A guy who goes into a meeting with the intention of blowing himself up and killing everyone else in the meeting room is a terrorist.

A guy who comes into a meeting with no intention save asking serious questions of his elected representative is most definitely not a terrorist.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is either tremendously offensive or some kind of moron, and in either case certainly shouldn't be representing anyone in the United States Congress.

And yet Baron has seriously doubled down on this "political terrorist" claim, repeating it three times in two days in three different forums.

What is wrong with him?