Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lugargeddon: “The GOP Is Bracing for Lugar's Primary Defeat”

Don't have a lot of time this evening to post, but I did want to post this photo, sent by a reader in D.C. of Paul Bedard's Washington Secrets column that ran in Tuesday's Washington Examiner.

I haven't seen it quoted anywhere else and the column doesn't appear to (currently) be available online.

...Washington Republicans aren't worried about [Utah Senator Orin Hatch] keeping his seat. All of that fear is being directed at embattled Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, who faces a primary fight in two weeks with state Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

It's no secret that Hatch, after watching the Tea Party crush his fellow Utah Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010, remade himself into a conservative firebrand while Lugar chose to sell his experience to voters. It's not working and the GOP is bracing for his primary defeat.

Let's repeat that again:

Lugar's campaign isn't working and the Washington establishment is bracing for his defeat.

As Lugar goes into the last weeks of a desperate campaign, accusing Richard Mourdock of bayoneting babies, slaughtering puppies, and committing gross crimes of every imaginable and horrible sort, Beltway insiders have already seen the writing on the wall.

Dick Lugar's campaign isn't working, and his fellow insiders are looking ahead to a Washington D.C. without him.

These smears being thrown at Richard Mourdock aren't a serious campaign about issues.

They're the death rattle of one of the longest-standing titans of the moderate GOP Washington establishment, one who has sacrificed his own reputation in a desperate last-ditch attempt to retain his grip on power.