Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Compromise Is When Dems Get What They Want

At least, that's the sort of compromise liberals in the media speak of when they seek compromise from Republicans.

This point is well said by a recent letter in the Indianapolis Star:

After then-President George H.W. Bush famously stated “no new taxes,” he was persuaded to compromise with Democrats in Congress. He would agree to an increase in taxes if they would agree to spending cuts to help balance the lopsided budget.

The taxes were increased, the spending cuts never got a hearing, and the Democrats used the fact that Bush had said he would not raise taxes against him.

This is the state of compromise in our government today. Joe Donnelly is already saying that Richard Murdock’s biggest fault is his rejection of compromise. Tell me then, what compromises has Joe Donnelly agreed to and lived up to?

President Barack Obama was going to lead a government based on cooperation and compromise, yet he did not speak to Republican leadership for the entire two years during which he had control of both houses of Congress.

In our political world, it seems that only Republicans or conservatives are expected to compromise.

Conrad Seniour

Joe Donnelly has no record of compromise. His voting record is quite clear. It's unabashedly liberal, filled with party-line votes, and in full support of Obama's liberal agenda to bankrupt this country.